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Landlord Certificates and Boiler Service

This means we are fully certified to carry out and complete annual gas safety inspections and landlord’s gas safety certificates also known as a CP12 certificate. In addition we use all the latest testing equipment to ensure safety at all times, our engineers are equipped with combustion gas analysers, carbon monoxide detectors and electronic gas leak detectors. We also supply and fit carbon monoxide detectors if you require one.

All appliances and gas pipe work must be checked and certified every twelve months.

In order to issue a landlords gas safety certificate the engineer has to undertake the following gas safety:

  1. Check gas meter is correctly labelled
  2. Carry out a let let-by test
  3. Carry out gas tightness test of the installation
  4. Visually inspect the appliances are installed correctly and up to current standards
  5. Check the ventilation is adequate
  6. Check appliance casing and seals
  7. Test the flue for the correct removal of combustion products
  8. Check appliances safety devices are working correctly
  9. Check the appliance standing, working and burner pressure
  10. Compare gas rate with manufactures records

Gas Services

Boiler Services:

Gas boilers have many moving components, seals and safety control valves. There is no guarantee that any of these components will not leak or stop working at any time. If boiler problems are found early they can usually be fixed without much trouble and expense. On the other hand, if an unnoticeable leak was to appear inside your boiler, this can cause serious damage to other parts and possibly blow your boiler’s main circuit board, which is a very expensive and very common problem. Last but not least your gas boiler could be leaking deadly carbon monoxide in to your home, putting the life of you and your loved ones a risk.

Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation

Make sure you get the right engineer for the job!

Every year illegal gas workers perform poor gas work, resulting in un safe workmanship which can lead to serious illness and death of tenants. It is your responsibility to make sure that the engineer issuing the gas safety certificate or service is fully qualified and gas safe registered. If you have your doubts you can always check on the gas safe register.

Checks CPH makes carrying out an annual boiler service:

Carry out gas tightness test

Check for adequate ventilation

Test the flue for the satisfactory removal of combustion products

Carry out spillage test

Check flue termination Check that all safety devices are working correctly

Check the flame failure devices

Check the heat exchangers, combustion fan, casing, seals and circulating pump

Check all visible pipe work and heating controls

Check feed and expansion tank and associated components

Test gas rate and pressure of burner

Perform any other gas safety check as required by manufacturers instructions

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